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The Frequent Buyer Card
Indigocafe.com's way of saying "Thank You" to our regular customers!

Q: How does it work?

A: ...Automatically! Whenever you make a purchase from us we give you a stamp on your card for every $10 you spend. Collect 10 stamps and get 15% off the next purchase automatically!

Q: How do you get a card?

A: When you open a Member Account a Frequent Buyer Card is created for you. Our system keeps track of your stamps. No more missing or forgotten cards! All you have to do is enjoy the savings! You can always check how many stamps you currently have by logging in.

Q: What if you still have a physical card from the old storefront?

A: DONT THROW THEM AWAY! They are still good. Please put your Indigocafe.com account name on them and send them to:

P.O. Box 380487
Brooklyn, NY 11238

We will gladly put your store stamps into your online account!


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—Mahatma Gandhi