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 Noam Chomsky RadioJennAug 23, 20070 Comments
Planet Chomsky is an Internet radio station dedicated to the speeches of Noam Chomsky. It boasts 'over 140 hours' of Chomsky speeches, interviews, talk, and lectures. This is proof that you can find just about anything on the Internet. (Isn't great!) This station is perfect for those of you who are unfortunate enough to have never heard Noam Chomsky speak (and for those of you who are looking for a new more inventive way to torture that friend or ...[ more ]
 Book Review: Thoughts on "The Eternals"Jennifer BrissettAug 15, 20070 Comments
I was so excited to get this graphic novel. I can't even tell you how much. Neil Gaiman trying something new is a real treat. But I'm afraid that this title left me cold. I expect more from Neil Gaiman. Or is it, I expect more from this genre. It used to be enough for comics to be about superheros flying around and hitting people, but that simply is not enough anymore. It hasn't been for a really long time. ...[ more ]
 Book Review: Thoughts on "All That is Gone"Jennifer BrissettJul 31, 20070 Comments
One of the joys of bookselling is that occasionally you are privileged to read a rare special gem of a book and get to introduce it to a new group of readers. This is definitely such a book. Pramoedya Ananta Toer is an author whose name I've never heard of before but this is one Indonesian writer's name that I think should be on the lips of many more readers in the West. 'All That is Gone' is a ...[ more ]
 Book Review: Banker to the Poor by Muhammad YunusGeoff WisnerJul 23, 20070 Comments
'Banker to the Poor' is a readable, engaging first-person memoir by Muhammad Yunus, the founder of the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh. It's a great way to get more details on Yunus's approach to microcredit and his critique of traditional ways of addressing poverty. But equally fascinating is the insight it offers into the 'attitude' that led to the creation of Grameen. Early in the book, Yunus writes this about one of his professors: 'He also taught me that things are ...[ more ]
 The Price of the TicketJennJul 17, 20070 Comments
"The Price of the Ticket," the very sound of the title has weight; it's metaphysical meaning is deep and resounding. Back in 1957, James Baldwin made the long journey back to the US and returned home from his self-imposed exile. He knew what he was doing. He knew that this was the price he had to pay. He knew that he could never be free to be the writer that he wanted to be while others ...[ more ]
 Book Review: Thoughts on "The Children of Hurin"Jennifer BrissettJul 16, 20070 Comments
First let me say that the illustrations by Alan Lee in this book are simply beautiful. They really set the mood for the book. The packaging of this book was truly a the act of love. As for the story, it was a complete downer. I was so excited to read this new Tolkien title. When I first got it, I just stared at it for a few days before I cracked it open. Then as I read it, I ...[ more ]
 Book Review: Thoughts on "Midnight Days"Jennifer BrissettJun 19, 20070 Comments
I've been fascinated by Neil Gaiman's work ever since I was introduced to The Sandman Series in the early 90's. I once saw him referred to as "the most famous author you've never heard of." It may be true that some readers of literature have avoided his graphic novel work and characterize it as mere cartoons. If you are doing this, you are making a very 'large' mistake. This is literature without question. Having read all of 'The Sandman Series' ...[ more ]
 Book Review: Thoughts on "The Icarus Girl"Jennifer BrissettJun 07, 20070 Comments
As I was reading this novel I kept thinking, "I can't believe that a 19 year old wrote this." Now that I've finished and put it down a for a few days I realize that it would take a 19 year old to write this, a very talented 19 year old. She is close to the age of the protagonist and old enough to write sensitively about it. The detail of the life of a young girl in this novel ...[ more ]
 Book Review: Thoughts on 'Oryx and Crake'Jennifer BrissettMay 28, 20070 Comments
Margaret Atwood is fast becoming one of my favorite authors. 'Oryx and Crake' is one of those books that take you by surprise. Just when you think you have an author figured out, you read something like this and it totally blows away your misconceptions. Atwood isn't a spinner of tales, she is an intellectual author. Her work has layers of understanding. It isn't until the end of the novel that the full depth of the story is revealed. 'Oryx ...[ more ]
 Book Review: Severance by Robert Olen ButlerGeoff WisnerMay 17, 20070 Comments
When he is not writing about Vietnam as he did in his acclaimed collection 'A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain' Robert Olen Butler often builds his books around a small, clever device. In 'Tabloid Dreams', Butler's jumping-off point was a few improbable headlines from the supermarket checkout line. Had a 'Good Time' was inspired by the author's collection of antique postcards. In 'Severance', his subject is the last moments of people who have lost their heads. Each ...[ more ]
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