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White Teas
Retail Price:$5.95

About this product
White teas are known for their soothing qualities. So light and heavenly ? one could think of them as divine! Enjoy with honey or alone.
Comes in a 2 oz. Tea Tin. You can brew tea with a presser
Jasmine Gold A Fair Trade Certified steamed green tea, is blended with fresh jasmine blossoms in a traditional process. The green tea absorbs the natural jasmine essential oil and imparts a sweet, heady fragrance of jasmine in every cup.
Silver Needle — consists of only the young, silvery, down-covered buds of white tea bushes that are carefully hand-picked in the early spring. The tea bushes used to collect this Silver Needle tea were domesticated from wild tea trees prized for their medicinal properties during the Song dynasty. Silver Needle tea has a greater concentration of cancer-inhibiting polyphenols than green tea. The tea infusion is clear with a mysterious sweet fragrance.
White Peony — Produced in Zhenghe, China, this tea has a unique bamboo fragrance and subtle nutty taste with long lasting, sweet lingering and wild herbaceous notes.

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