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Environmental Studies

Voices from Chernobyl
The Oral History of a Nuclear Disaster
by Svetlana Alexievich
Trade Paperback
Retail Price: $9.99 
Voices from Chernobyl is the first book to present personal accounts of what happened on April 26, 1986, when the worst nuclear reactor accident in history contaminated as much as three quarters of Europe. Svetlana Alexievich--a journalist who now suffers  [ more ]

Dead Heat - Global Justice and Global Warming
by Tom Athanasiou
Trade Paperback
Retail Price: $9.95 
Today's ?extreme weather events? (record-breaking heat waves, droughts, and melting ice caps) foreshadow an increasingly unstable and dire future. Yet, despite all, the Bush administration continues to reject the Kyoto Protocol, to deny the catastrophic consequences of oil dependency,  [ more ]

America's Environmental Report Card
Are We Making the Grade?
by Harvey Blatt
Retail Price: $9.99 
Americans today are increasingly concerned about the state of the environment. Polls show that a remarkable 63 percent would roll back recent tax cuts to finance environmental protection and that fully 95 percent want environmental education included in the public  [ more ]

Plan B 2.0
Rescuing a Planet Under Stress and a Civilization in Trouble
by Lester R. Brown
Trade Paperback
Retail Price: $9.99 
THE WORLD FACES numerous environmental trends of disruption and decline such as rising temperatures, falling water tables, shrinking forests, melting glaciers, collapsing fisheries, and rising sea levels. In Plan B, Lester R. Brown notes that in ignoring nature's deadlines for  [ more ]

The Fluoride Deception
by Christopher Bryson
Trade Paperback
Retail Price: $9.99 
Concerns over fluoridated drinking water have long been derided as the obsession of McCarthyite cranks. But this muckraking j'accuse asserts that fluoride is indeed a dire threat to public health, one foisted upon the nation by a vast conspiracy-not of  [ more ]

Awakening to Nature
Renewing Your Life by Connecting with the Natural World
by Charles Cook
Trade Paperback
Retail Price: $9.99 
Today most people spend the bulk of their day indoors, plugged into technology but completely disconnected from nature. Reestablishing a connection with the natural realm isn't just a question of wanting to do it, it's knowing how to do it.  [ more ]

Stop Global Warming!
What You Can Do to Save the Planet and Your Future
by Laurie David
Trade Paperback
Retail Price: $9.95 
TIME magazine has declared global warming a planetary emergency, adding to the calls of a huge chorus of scientists that there is only a little time left to save our planet. Stop Global Warming turns headlines into action, providing testimony  [ more ]

How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed
by Jared Diamond
Trade Paperback
Retail Price: $9.99 
In his million-copy bestseller Guns, Germs, and Steel, Jared Diamond examined how and why Western civilizations developed the technologies and immunities that allowed them to dominate much of the world. Now in this brilliant companion volume, Diamond probes the other  [ more ]

The Future of the Earth
An Introduction to Sustainable Development for Young Readers
by Philippe J. DuBois
Large Hardcover
Retail Price: $9.99 
The first book for young readers that explains sustainable development in easy terms. An attention-grabbing primer on mankind's direct and indirect effects on the natural world, this important book explains how such topics as global trends, economic disparity, and invasive  [ more ]

Green Living by E Magazine
Trade Paperback
Retail Price: $9.99 
Experts suggest that by 2005, 40 percent of American homes will buy organic, yet a large majority have only a limited knowledge of how to actually make informed, green choices. Green Living, from the editors of E/The Environmental Magazine offers  [ more ]

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”
—Mahatma Gandhi