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History - United States
   1900 to 1950   
    1951 to 1979   
    1980 to Present   

The Great Influenza
The Epic Story of the Deadliest Plague in History
by John M. Barry
Trade Paperback
Retail Price: $9.99 
In the winter of 1918, at the height of WWI, history?s most lethal influenza virus erupted in an army camp in Kansas, moved east with American troops, then exploded, killing as many as 100 million people worldwide. It killed more  [ more ]

IBM and the Holocaust
The Strategic Alliance Between Nazi Germany and America's Most Powerful Corporation
by Edwin Black
Trade Paperback
Retail Price: $9.99 
Published to extraordinary praise, this provocative international bestseller details the story of IBM?s strategic alliance with Nazi Germany. IBM and the Holocaust provides a chilling investigation into corporate complicity, and the atrocities witnessed raise startling questions that throw IBM?s wartime  [ more ]

War Is a Racket
The Anti-War Classic by America's Most Decorated General
by Smedley D. Butler
Trade Paperback
Retail Price: $9.95 
Originally printed in 1935, War Is a Racket is General Smedley Butler's frank speech describing his role as a soldier as nothing more than serving as a puppet for big-business interests. In addition to photos from the notorious 1932 anti-war  [ more ]

Theodore Rex by Edmund Morris
Trade Paperback
Retail Price: $9.99 
Theodore Rex (the name is attributed to Henry James) tells the story of Roosevelt's two successful terms as president of the United States. Youngest of all our presidents, Roosevelt had energy, charm, and political wizardry that prevailed over all opposition,  [ more ]

We Band of Angels
The Untold Story of American Nurses Trapped on Bataan by the Japanese
by Elizabeth M. Norman
Trade Paperback
Retail Price: $9.99 
In the fall of 1941, the Philippines was a gardenia-scented paradise for the American Army and Navy nurses stationed there. War was a distant rumor, life a routine of easy shifts and evenings of dinner and dancing under the stars.  [ more ]

Making of the Atomic Bomb
by Richard Rhodes
Trade Paperback
Retail Price: $9.99 
Here for the first time, in rich, human, political, and scientific detail, is the complete story of how the bomb was developed, from the turn-of-the-century discovery of the vast energy locked inside the atom to the dropping of the first  [ more ]

The Good War - An Oral History of World War II
by Studs Terkel
Trade Paperback
Retail Price: $9.99 
"I promise you will remember your war years, if you were alive then, with extraordinary vividness as you go through Studs Terkel's book. Or, if you are too young to remember, this is the best place to get a sense  [ more ]

Odd Man Out
Truman, Stalin, Mao, and the Origin of the Korean War
by Dr. Richard C. Thornton
Trade Paperback
Retail Price: $9.99 
Odd Man Out is a novel assessment of the motives and strategies of Harry Truman, Joseph Stalin, and Mao Zedong as they struggled to maneuver their countries into positions of advantage in the postwar world. Their successes and failures resulted  [ more ]

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”
—Mahatma Gandhi