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Bookseller's Choice
as of September 16, 2007
The Bookseller's Choice is Indigocafe.com's answer to a bestseller list. Instead of listing books pushed by the large publishers and the book industry, we offer a list of books recently released that we actually like!
Fiction Titles —
1. Cion by Zakes Mda
Subject: Fiction - Literature
The hero of Zakes Mda's beloved Ways of Dying, Toloki, sets down with a family in Middle America and uncovers the story of the runaway slaves who were their ancestors.

Toloki, the professional mourner, has come to live in America. Lured to Athens, Ohio, by an academic at the local university, Toloki makes friends with an angry young man he meets at a Halloween parade and soon falls in love with the young mans sister. Toloki endears himself to a local ... [ more ]

Subject: Fiction - Literature
This is the long-awaited first novel from one of the most original and memorable writers working today.

Things have never been easy for Oscar, a sweet but disastrously overweight, lovesick Dominican ghetto nerd. From his home in New Jersey, where he lives with his old-world mother and rebellious sister, Oscar dreams of becoming the Dominican J. R. R. Tolkien and, most of all, of finding love. But he may never get what he wants, thanks to the Fuk-the curse ... [ more ]

Subject: Fiction - Literature
Orhan Pamuk?s first book since winning the Nobel Prize, Other Colors is a dazzling collection of essays on his life, his city, his work, and the example of other writers.

Over the last three decades, Pamuk has written, in addition to his seven novels, scores of pieces?personal, critical, and meditative?the finest of which he has brilliantly woven together here. He opens a window on his private life, from his boyhood dislike of school to his daughter?s precocious melancholy, from his successful ... [ more ]

Subject: Fiction - Short Stories
This enduring celebration of the short story only gets better with age and this year enlists the talents of guest editor Edward P. Jones, "one of the most important writers of his own generation and of the present day" (the Washington Post Book World ).

In 1993, for the first time in his career, Edward P. Jones had a short story selected for an anthology. The story was "Marie." The anthology was the eighth volume of New Stories from the ... [ more ]

Subject: SciFi - Fantasy - Horror
A searing, postapocalyptic novel destined to become Cormac McCarthy? s masterpiece. A father and his son walk alone through burned America. Nothing moves in the ravaged landscape save the ash on the wind. It is cold enough to crack stones, and when the snow falls it is gray. The sky is dark. Their destination is the coast, although they don? t know what, if anything, awaits them there. They have nothing; just a pistol to defend themselves against the lawless ... [ more ]
Subject: Fiction - Literature
A novel of remarkable depth and poignancy from one of the most acclaimed writers of our time. It is July 1962. Florence is a talented musician who dreams of a career on the concert stage and of the perfect life she will create with Edward, an earnest young history student at University College of London, who unexpectedly wooed and won her heart. Newly married that morning, both virgins, Edward and Florence arrive at a hotel on the Dorset coast. At ... [ more ]
Subject: Fiction - Literature
It is 1934, and New York City is in the icy grip of the Great Depression. With enormous compassion, Dr. James Delaney tends to his hurt, sick, and poor neighbors, who include gangsters, day laborers, prostitutes, and housewives. If they cant pay, he treats them anyway.

But in his own life, Delaney is emotionally numb, haunted by the slaughters of the Great War. His only daughter has left for Mexico, and his wife Molly vanished months before, leaving him to wonder ... [ more ]

Subject: Caribbean Literature
Set in 1942 on the imagined island of San Carlos, a cultural cocktail of Trinidad, Cuba, and Jamaica, this is the story of Estrella Thompson, a headstrong fourteen-year-old girl whos forced to fend for herself when shes banished from the isolated fishing village where shes lived all her life.

Colin Channer's major works of fiction include the novel Waiting in Vain and the story collection Passing Through, which Junot Diaz described as "a splendid collection by one of the Caribbean Diasporas ... [ more ]

Non-Fiction Titles —
Subject: Current Affairs/Politics
Chomsky has collected more than 30 essays aimed at various aspects of U.S. power and politics in the post-9/11 world. Each piece in the book is in itself an intellectual intervention aimed at raising public ire about the consequences of the U.S. abuse of power at home and abroad.

Noam Chomsky says that the freedom to challenge power is not just an opportunity, it?s a responsibility. For the past several years Chomsky has been writing essays for The New York Times ... [ more ]

Subject: Memoirs & Biographies
From the best-selling author of "The Dew Breaker," a major work of nonfiction: a powerfully moving family story that centers around the men closest to her heart? her father, Mira, and his older brother, Joseph. From the age of four, Edwidge Danticat came to think of her uncle Joseph, a charismatic pastor, as her ? second father, ? when she was placed in his care after her parents left Haiti for a better life in America. Listening to his sermons, sharing ... [ more ]
Subject: Race Relations
More than just a chronology of the history of police brutality in the United States, Our Enemies in Blue is a scholarly work that studies the reality of sanctioned violence against certain segments of society and the ways in which police use brutality to preserve existing structures of inequality. The simplistic myth of police officer as hero is prevalent in our society, and often obscures the facts, and silences those who would question police actions. The author believes the American ... [ more ]
Subject: Anti-Bush Books
In this ambitious work of political narrative, Robert Draper takes us inside the Bush White House and delivers an intimate portrait of a tumultuous decade and a beleaguered administration. Virtually every page of this book crackles with scenes, anecdotes, and dialogue that will surprise even long- time observers of George W. Bush.

With unprecedented access to all the key figures of this administration -- from six one-on-one sessions with the president, to Laura Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleeza Rice, Karl ... [ more ]

5. Alek by Alek Wek
Subject: Black Beauty
Born in Wau, in the southern Sudan, Alek knew only a few years of peace with her family before they were caught up in a ruthless civil war that pitted outlaw militias, the Muslim-dominated government, and southern rebels against each other in a brutal conflict that killed nearly two million people. Here is her daring story of fleeing the war on foot and her escape to London, where her rise from young model to supermodel was all the more notable ... [ more ]
Subject: Writers' Guides & Advice
For over one hundred years writers from around the world have traveled to Stockholm, Sweden, on December 10, the anniversary of Alfred Nobel's death, to be awarded the prize bearing his name. From the political to the aesthetic, Nobel Lectures collects the words of a quarter century of these literature laureates, representing the inspirations, motivations, and passionately held beliefs of some of the greatest minds in the world of literature.

From Harold Pinter's passionate and timely lecture on the nature of ... [ more ]

Subject: Self-Help/Inspiration
Here, from Bill Clinton, is a call to action. Giving is an inspiring look at how each of us can change the world. First, it reveals the extraordinary and innovative efforts now being made by companies and organizations?and by individuals?to solve problems and save lives both ?down the street and around the world.? Then it urges us to seek out what each of us, ?regardless of income, available time, age, and skills,? can do to help, to give people a ... [ more ]
Subject: Current Affairs/Politics
Scott Ritter, former Marine and UN weapons inspector, argues that there is a growing despondency amongst the anti-war movement. Ritter proposes the anti-war movement seek guidance from sources they normally spurn ? that one must study the ? enemy? in order to learn the art of campaigning and of waging battles when necessary. They need to understand the pro-war movement? s decision-making cycle, then undertake a comprehensive course of action. ... [ more ]

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”
—Mahatma Gandhi