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   Daughters of Thunder
Black Women Preachers and Their Sermons, 1850-1979
by Bettye Collier-Thomas
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Categories: Judeo-Christian | Women's Studies
Code: 903 |  ISBN: 0787909181 |  368 pp. |  Publication Date: 1997
Publisher: Jossey Bass
Format: Hardcover
About this book
This historic collection of never-before-published sermons by African American women preachers gives voice to the long-ignored founding mothers of the African American church. It provides long overdue access to the original text of the sermons coupled with expert contextual analysis by Dr. Bettye Collier-Thomas, a respected scholar of African American history.

These sermons reveal women of great faith, courage, and wisdom and cover a range of topics, from racial and gender discrimination in the church and society to the tenets of their shared theology. Addressing causes and issues of Anduring importance, these sermons still resonate today and help us to understand the past.

In a special chapter, Collier-Thomas tells the story of the earliest black women preachers who, while their sermons have yet to be unearthed, greatly influenced both their contemporaries and those who followed by their courageous claiming of the pulpit.

Daughters of Thunder sheds new light on an important chapter in American history. Preachers will find within these pages inspiration for their own sermons.

Bettye Collier-Thomas is associate professor of history and director of the Temple University Center for African American History and Culture.


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