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   The Inner Life of Martin Frost
A Film
by Paul Auster
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Categories: New in Paperback | Fiction - Literature
Code: 3720 |  ISBN: 0312427034 |  123 pp. |  Publication Date: 2007
Publisher: Picador
Format: Trade Paperback
About this book
From "The New York Trilogy "to" The Book of Illusions "and" Travels in the Scriptorium, "Paul Auster is one of Americas most spectacularly inventive novelists. "Smoke, Blue in the Face, "and" Lulu on the Bridge" established him as an award-winning filmmaker. "The Inner Life of Martin Frost" brings together his talents as a novelist and filmmaker with a work that is tender, moving, and funny.

Searching for solitude, the writer Martin Frost borrows a friends country house. Waking up one morning, he is shocked to find a nearly naked young woman beside him in bed. She also has a key to the house and claims to be the owners niece. Martins initial annoyance at Claires intrusion is rapidly forgotten as he falls passionately in love with her. Even when it is revealed that Claire is not who she claims to be, their idyllic passion continues--until she suddenly falls ill.

"The Inner Life of Martin Frost" is based on an imaginary film that appears in his novel "The Book of Illusions," Unlike the fictional Hector Spellings "lost" 1946 black and white film of the same title, Austers luminous celebration of the mysteries of love, art, and the imagination will be released in 2007.


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