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   Stop Global Warming!
What You Can Do to Save the Planet and Your Future
by Laurie David
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Categories: Environmental Studies | Science/Nature
Code: 3506 |  ISBN: 155591621X |  96 pp. |  Publication Date: 2006
Publisher: Fulcrum Publ
Format: Trade Paperback
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Afterword by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
About this book
TIME magazine has declared global warming a planetary emergency, adding to the calls of a huge chorus of scientists that there is only a little time left to save our planet. Stop Global Warming turns headlines into action, providing testimony of leading environmental activist Laurie David's own grassroots efforts to sound the alarm for the American people and showing how and why others (particularly young people) must get involved in this most pressing issue. In accessible and inspiring prose, David explains how global warming is personally impacting everyone's lives, not at some intangible time in the future, but right now. David points out that governments don't change until the people demand it, which is why citizens can and must make a difference by becoming activists themselves.

Interspersed throughout the text, short statements by Virtual Marchers such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Walter Cronkite, Tenacious D, Senator John McCain, Governor Schwarzenegger, surfer Laird Hamilton and many, many more, show that this is a moral issue affecting everyone, transcending age, gender, and political classification. Stop Global Warming features a humorous foreword by Laurie's husband, comedian Larry David, and an afterword by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


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“Be the change you want to see in the world.”
—Mahatma Gandhi