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   Crashing the Gate
NetRoots, Grassroots, and the Rise of People-Powered Politics
by Jerome Armstrong
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Category: Current Affairs/Politics
Code: 3480 |  ISBN: 193339241X |  216 pp. |  Publication Date: 2006
Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing (Independent Publisher)
Format: Trade Paperback — also available in Hardcover
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About this book
This book lays bare, with passion and precision, how ineffective, incompetent, and antiquated the Democratic Party establishment has become, and how it has failed to adapt and respond to new realities and challenges. The authors save their sharpest knives to go for the jugular in their critique of Republican ideologues who are now running?and ruining?our country.

Written by two of the most popular political bloggers in America, the book hails the new movement?of the netroots, the grassroots, the unorthodox labor unions, the maverick big donors?that is the antidote to old-school politics as usual. Fueled by advances in technology and a hunger for a more authentic and populist democracy, this broad-based movement is changing the way political campaigns are waged and managed.

A must-read book for anyone with an interest in the future of American democracy.


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