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   Not a Genuine Black Man
Or How I Learned to Be Black in the Lily-White Suburbs
by Brian Copeland
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Categories: Theater/Drama | Black Men's Wellness
Code: 3407 |  ISBN: 9781401302337 |  336 pp. |  Publication Date: 2006
Publisher: Hyperion Books
Format: Hardcover
About this book
In 1972, when Brian Copeland was eight, his family moved from Oakland to San Leandro, California, hoping for a better life. At the time, San Leandro was 99.4 percent white, known nationwide as a racist enclave. This reputation was confirmed almost immediately: Brian got his first look at the inside of a cop car, for being a black kid walking to the park with a baseball bat.

Brian grew up to be a successful comedian and radio talk show host, but racism reemerged as an issue -- only in reverse -- when he received an anonymous letter: ?As an African American, I am disgusted every time I hear your voice because YOU are not a genuine Black man!? That letter inspired Copeland to revisit his difficult childhood, resulting in a hit one-man show that has been running for nearly two years -- which has now inspired a book. In this funny, surprising, and ultimately moving memoir, Copeland shows exactly how our surroundings make us who we are.

Thsi hilarious, poignant, and disarming memoir of growing up black in an all-white suburb is based on the longest-running one-man show in San Francisco history and an Off-Broadway play.


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