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   Start Making Sense
Turning the Lessons of Election 2004 Into Winning Progressive Politics
by Don Hazen, Editor
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Category: Politics
Code: 3340 |  ISBN: 9781931498845 |  160 pp. |  Publication Date: 2005
Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing (Independent Publisher)
Format: Trade Paperback
Other Contributors
Co-Editor Lakshmi Chaudhry
About this book
Start Making Sense is an opening salvo from a chorus of bold American thinkers, writers, and activists on how citizens can deliver U.S. politics from fear and fundamentalism. The message from the leading voices of the new progressive movement is clear: It's time to stop doing politics as usual.

Start Making Sense brings together the best progressive thinkers, critics, and organizers to and offers creative ways to think about organizing, communicating, and investing in the structures and resources required for a lasting, truly democratic grassroots movement.

Let's turn the lessons from election 2004 into winning progressive politics!

Contributors include Arianna Huffington, Howard Dean, Jim Hightower, George Lakoff, Van Jones, Amy Goodman, Barbara Ehrenreich, Thomas Frank, Naomi Klein, Wes Boyd, and more!

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