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   Turquoise Days
The Weird World of Echo & the Bunnymen
by Chris Adams
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Category: Rock/Folk/Punk - The 90's
Code: 3261 |  ISBN: 1887128891 |  322 pp. |  Publication Date: 2002
Publisher: Soft Skull Press (Independent Publisher)
Format: Trade Paperback
About this book
Turquoise Days captures the post-punk swagger of a band that melded the rawness and vitriol of CBGBs New York punk with trippy 60s psychedelia. More than once, in fact, Mac was compared to Doors' lead vocalist, the late Jim Morrison.

Adams's definitive history gets the story from the players themselves-from McCullouch, to guitarist Will Seargent, to leading rock journalists of the day. No stone is left unturned-the band's formation in 1978 around the Liverpool punk scene, the DIY Scandinavia tour, the Bunnymen's relevance and influence in today's rock scene. Crocodiles, Camo, Crystal Days, covers tours, comebacks-it's all there.

For a few years, when their greatest hits Songs to Learn and Sing rested in every college student's cassette deck, the band was indeed a contestant in the U2 ?berstadium Sweepstakes. If not for a few missteps and foolish pride, we could all be singing along with a high-haired Liverpudlian rather than an Irishman in black boots at our local Enormo-Dome.

The Bunnymen remain the thinking man's rock icons. And Mac, with effortless, Bowie-like hipness and unmatchable quotability, is still on his game. Mac the Mouth's comments on U2 lead singer Bono alone, chronicled here, are enough to singe the eyebrows, and are enough to inspire current stars such as Oasis's Noel Gallagher run to his feet.

The 320-page book sports rare photographs of the band, along with the complete lyrics of Ian McCullouch. Releasing nine studio albums over two decades, Echo & the Bunnymen have earned a reputation as being fiercely uncompromising, and probably the only band whose comeback, staged in the late 90's, critically rivaled its earlier efforts.

Above all else, Turquoise Days captures a time when all rock & roll needed was three chords, an attitude, a bit of hairspray and the truth, and you were ready for the world.


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