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   Crop Circles
Exploring the Designs & Mysteries
by Werner Anderhub
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Category: Mysticism
Code: 2973 |  ISBN: 1579902979 |  144 pp. |  Publication Date: 2002
Publisher: Sterling Publishing
Format: Paperback
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About this book
Throughout the world, mysterious patterns have almost magically started appearing in fields--baffling the farmers who own the land and the scientists who examine them. What are these fantastic geometric figures? Who (or what) is creating them? Two journalists specializing in crop circle research provide revealing answers in this bestselling and visually stunning study. A spectacular 30-page pictorial, which presents an eye-catching survey of the contin-uing phenomenon, will fascinate believers and non-believers alike with its surprising beauty, variety, and complexity.

Werner Anderhub is an author, journalist, and crop circle photographer who gives many lectures and seminars on current crop circle events. His photographs are published regularly in magazines; he does advisory work on the topic of crop circles; and he is a member of the Swiss crop circle research group, KORES, and the German research group, "Invisible Circle."

Hans Peter Roth is an independent journalist for various daily newspapers and magazines, covering mostly the environment and science. In addition to longer stays abroad, Roth has traveled to southern England several times in search of crop circles.


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