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Venezuela and the New Latin America
by Hugo Ch?vez
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Category: History-International - Latin America
Code: 2866 |  ISBN: 1920888004 |  200 pp. |  Publication Date: 2005
Publisher: Ocean Press
Format: Trade Paperback
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About this book
Is President Ch?vez the new Fidel Castro? Is Venezuela the new Cuba? Elected by an overwhelming popular mandate in 1998, Hugo Ch?vez is now one of Latin America?s most controversial political figures. In this exclusive interview, Ch?vez expresses a fiercely nationalist vision for Venezuela and a commitment to a united Latin America. He discusses the significance of the military coup against his government in April 2002, Venezuela?s new democratic constitution and assesses his relations with the United States and Cuba.

"Soviet power has collapsed but that does not mean that neoliberal capitalism has to be the model followed by the peoples of the West? This world cannot be run by a universal police force that seeks to control everything." ?President Hugo Ch?vez


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