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   Little Sisters, Listen Up!
A Message of Hope for Girls Growing Up in Poverty, Racism, and Despair
by Ruby Asugha
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Categories: Young Adult - 10 to 14 yrs | Parenting/Education
Code: 2737 |  ISBN: 188932261X |  103 pp. |  Publication Date: 2004
Publisher: Boys Town Press
Format: Trade Paperback
About this book
They were three African-American schoolgirls living on Chicago's tough West Side. Each dreamed of escaping from the decay, drugs, prostitution and poverty that defined their neighborhood. One found a way out and is living her dreams. The other two did not.

This is the story of Ruby Asugha, who knows firsthand the daily perils and pressures young, urban girls face. In these pages, she explains why it's so important to find purpose in your life and make your own dreams.

Each chapter begins with a thought-provoking quote and brief biography of a successful African-American woman. At the end of each chapter, girls are asked to reflect on a number of questions and write down their answers on journal-format pages. The book touches on many issues, including love, poverty, racism, pain and pleasure, the American dream, and purpose.


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