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   Guns, Germs, and Steel
The Fates of Human Societies
by Jared Diamond
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Category: Science/Nature
Code: 268 |  ISBN: 0393317552 |  480 pp. |  Publication Date: 1999
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Co.
Format: Trade Paperback
About this book
In this "artful, informative, and delightful" (William H. McNeill, New York Review of Books) book, Jared Diamond convincingly argues that geographical and environmental factors shaped the modern world. Societies that had a head start in food production advanced beyond the hunter-gatherer stage, and then developed writing, technology, government, and organized religion --- as well as nasty germs and potent weapons of war --- and adventured on sea and land to conquer and decimate preliterate cultures. A major advance in our understanding of human societies, Guns, Germs, and Steel chronicles the way that the modern world came to be and stunningly dismantles racially based theories of human history.

"The scope and explanatory power of this book are astounding."
--- The New Yorker

"An ambitious, highly important book."
--- James Shreeve, New York Times Book Review

Indigo's Comments
A stunning scientific rebuttal to prejudices about "backward" cultures.
--- geoff


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