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   Our Enemies in Blue
Police and Power in America (REVISED)
by Kristian Williams
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Categories: New in Paperback | Race Relations
Code: 2613 |  ISBN: 1932360433 |  384 pp. |  Publication Date: 2004
Publisher: South End Press (Independent Publisher)
Format: Trade Paperback
About this book
More than just a chronology of the history of police brutality in the United States, Our Enemies in Blue is a scholarly work that studies the reality of sanctioned violence against certain segments of society and the ways in which police use brutality to preserve existing structures of inequality. The simplistic myth of police officer as hero is prevalent in our society, and often obscures the facts, and silences those who would question police actions. The author believes the American public deserves a well-researched counter argument that confronts the realities of policing in modern society. Our Enemies in Blue examines the strong-arming, racial profiling, and other objectionable tactics used by the police on an everyday basis and provides an intelligent, in-depth critique of police brutality in all its forms.

"Should become mandatory reading for all police academy students."
-Damon Woodcock (Ret.), Portland, Oregon, Police Bureau

"A well-researched, historically grounded, and mordant critique of American policing past and present."
-Christian Parenti

?Seldom does one come across a book so right on target as this one. Clearly framed, drawing upon a wealth of data, straightforwardly presented and reaching uncomfortable but nonetheless unassailable conclusions on every point, Our Enemies in Blue is imperative reading for anyone in the least concerned by the implications attending the rampant growth of police power and violence in the United States. Kristian Williams is to be commended on his achievement.?
?Ward Churchill, author of Perversions of Justice


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