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   The Spoken Word Revolution
Slam, Hip Hop & the Poetry of a New Generation
by Mark Eleveld
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Categories: Spoken Word | Hip Hop
Code: 2181 |  ISBN: 1402202466 |  256 pp. |  Publication Date:
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc. (Independent Publisher)
Format: Trade Paperback
About this book
Few people can say that they single-handedly created a whole new art form. Marc Smith is one of those people. Since Marc began the Poetry Slam in 1987, competitive performance poetry has spread throughout the world. Through his creation of the Uptown Poetry Slam and many poetry organizations and ensembles such as the Pong Unit One, the Bob Shakespeare Band, Neutral Turf?s Chicago Poetry Festival and the Poetic Theatre Project, Marc has influenced and inspired poets to shake off the notion that poetry belongs only to the high-minded. Author of Crowdpleasers, Marc has performed poetry to more than one hundred thousand people during his sixteen-year-strong weekly show at the Green Mill Lounge in Chicago. He lives in Chicago.

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