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   When Your Body Gets the Blues
The Clinically Proven Program for Women Who Feel Tired and Stressed and Eat Too Much
by Marie-Annette Brown
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Categories: Health & Nutrition | Mental Health & Healing
Code: 2148 |  ISBN: 042518899X |  215 pp. |  Publication Date: 2003
Publisher: Berkley Publ Group
Format: Trade Paperback
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About this book
The first book to focus exclusively on sub-clinical depression, one of women's most common but underdiagnosed conditions.

Sub-clinical depression affects more than one in seven women, yet many doctors don't diagnose it, and many women don't know they have it. In When Your Body Gets the Blues, Jo Robinson -- co-author of the bestselling Hot Monogamy and The Omega Diet -- and mental health nursing specialist Marie-Annette Brown, Ph.D., team up to provide readers with an easy-to-follow 8-week program that is scientifically proven to cut depression, fight fatigue, and provide a greater sense of control and well-being. The program utilizes three key components: light therapy, moderate exercise, and a specific combination of vitamins. When used together, these elements can help women achieve dramatic increases in mood and quality of life in as little as 2 weeks. The authors have based their program on the results of their study from the University of Washington, which they are holding to release at publication. As an added benefit, women who followed the program have reported the "side effects" of weight loss and an improved sex life.

Readers can take two self-tests to determine if they suffer from sub-clinical depression, then with simple steps they can begin to take back control of their lives. For the millions of women who suffer from the troubling and debilitating symptoms of sub-clinical depression, When Your Body Gets the Blues will provide not only a name for their condition but also the cure.


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