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   The Republican Noise Machine
Right-Wing Media and How It Corrupts Democracy
by David Brock
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Category: Media Studies
Code: 2099 |  ISBN: 0307236897 |  432 pp. |  Publication Date: 2005
Publisher: Three Rivers Press
Format: Trade Paperback
About this book
Bestselling author David Brock documents perhaps the most important but least understood political development of the last thirty years: how the Republican Right has won political dominance and hijacked public discourse in America. Brock, a former right-wing journalist, uses his keen understanding of the strategies, tactics, financing, and personalities of the American right-wing to show how the once fringe phenomenon of conservative media has all but subsumed the regular media conversation and shaped the national consciousness, skewing American, politics sharply to the right. From the disputed 2000 presidential election to the war with Iraq to the upcoming political battles of 2004, Brock's penetrating analysis, of right-wing media theories and operations reveals that the Republican Right views the media as an extension of a broader struggle for political power, and values not journalistic freedom or standards, but absolute control of the debate--and with billions of dollars at their disposal, their ideological fervor and willingness to say anything to win, their ability to demonize dissenting voices, and the trends toward media consolidation, profit-seeking, and deregulation of the airwaves, they have all but won it. Brock has opened a new and original front in the media wars in this critical campaign season, and his book is sure to transform the raging but mostly unsatisfying debate over media politics for years to come.


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