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   A Cafecito Story
by Julia Alvarez
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Category: Fiction - Literature
Code: 2095 |  ISBN: 1931498008 |  72 pp. |  Publication Date: 2001
Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing (Independent Publisher)
Format: Hardcover
About this book
In North America, coffee is the morning lifeline between waking and working. In Central and South America, coffee is an economic lifeline, after oil the most important export commodity. With lyric simplicity, Julia Alvarez tells the complex tale of a social beverage that bridges nations and unites people in trade, in words, in birds, and in love.

The story is told through the eyes of Joe, a Nebraska farmer. While on holiday in the Dominican Republic, Joe learns from Miguel and other campesinos the important role of coffee in global trade, environmental degradation, and endangered songbird habitat. Initially overwhemed, Joe eventually learns to live compatibly with the natural world. Human communication, in the form of written word, the spoken word, and the shared cup of coffee gives him the power to face life's challenges one cup at a time.

It is amazing how much better coffee grows when sung to by birds...
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