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   It's All Good Hair
The Guide to Styling and Grooming Black Children's Hair
by Michele N-K Collison
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Categories: Black Hair | Parenting/Education
Code: 1843 |  ISBN: 0060934875 |  160 pp. |  Publication Date: 2002
Publisher: HarperCollins
Format: Trade Paperback
About this book
"It's All Good Hair" is an essential guidebook for parents to style and care for black children's hair--both boys and girls. This conversational, how-to book with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions features hair-care and styling tips from a variety of experts and includes photos and illustrations.

What are you going to do with your children's hair? Combing your daughter's hair is giving you a headache and now your son is asking you for cornrows. Relax. Finally, there's a lifeline for those who are desperately seeking help in styling their Black children's hair. Learn the tricks and techniques for today's most popular hairstyles with the easy-to-follow steps found in "It's All Good Hair. It features hair-care and styling tips from a variety of experts, and you'll learn all the secrets to braiding, relaxing, and locking, as well as discover many other creative styling ideas. Say good-bye to those disastrous attempts at doing it alone. Here's the support you need to help your children look good and feel their very best.


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