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   Home and Exile
by Chinua Achebe
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Category: Africana - Biographies
Code: 1585 |  ISBN: 0385721331 |  128 pp. |  Publication Date: 2001
Publisher: Anchor
Format: Trade Paperback
About this book
Chinua Achebe is the author of Things Fall Apart, the best known -- and best selling -- novel ever to come out of Africa. His fiction and poetry burn with a passionate commitment to political justice, bringing to life not only Africa's troubled encounters with Europe but also the dark side of contemporary African political life. Now, in "Home and Exile," he offers an extended exploration of the European impact on African culture, viewed through the most vivid experience available to him -- his own life. He has not written about his own life until now, so the personal memories and anecdotes he shares in these pages reveal a new dimension of this renowned author.

Based on lectures Achebe gave at Harvard in 1998, the three elegant essays in "Home and Exile" focus on the politics of culture. In the first essay, "My Home Under Imperial Fire, " he recalls the African stories of his childhood, looks back on his school and university days, and provides devastating examples of European cultural imperialism and African cultural dispossession. In the second piece, "The Empire Fights Back, " he tells how Africa's story came to be reclaimed by Africans. The final essay, "The Balance of Stories, " delves further into notions of dispossession and reclamation, home and exile, through memories and critiques of other writers. Stories are a real source of power in the world, he concludes, and to imitate the literature of another culture is to give that power away.


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