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   Even the Stars Look Lonesome
by Maya Angelou
Retail Price: $9.99
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Category: Africana - Biographies
Code: 1403 |  ISBN: 0553379720 |  160 pp. |  Publication Date: 1998
Publisher: Bantam Dell
Format: Trade Paperback
About this book
Maya Angelou has fascinated, moved, and inspired countless readers with her unforgettable books. In the bestseller, "Even the Stars Look Lonesome" -- a glorious continuation of "Wouldn't Take Nothing For My Journey Now" -- she shares more vital lessons gleaned from intimate personal experiences and revealing insights into a wide variety of subjects. "I write about being a black American woman, but I'm always talking about what it's like to be a human being. This is how we are, this is what makes us laugh, and this is how we fall and how we somehow, amazingly, stand up again".

In a unique, spellbinding way, "Even the Stars Look Lonesome" is pure Maya Angelou, a must-read for all of her admirers and followers.


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