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   The Messenger
The Rise and Fall of Elijah Muhammad
by Karl Evanzz
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Categories: Islam | Africana - Biographies
Code: 1400 |  ISBN: 0679774068 |  704 pp. |  Publication Date: 2001
Publisher: Vintage Books
Format: Trade Paperback
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About this book
Drawn from recently declassified FBI files and interviews with family members and former apostles, The Messenger renders a daring portrait of the controversial Elijah Muhammad.

In this explosive biography, investigative journalist Karl Evanzz recounts the multidimensional life of a semiliterate refugee from the Jim Crow South who became the influential cofounder of the Nation of Islam. Considered the "Prophet" by his followers and a threat to national security by J. Edgar Hoover, Elijah Muhammad inspired millions of African Americans to convert to his heterodox version of Islam, and inspired the lives of Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, Jesse Jackson, and Louis Farrakhan. But Elijah Muhammad was drawn down a path of corruption, ultimately betraying his teachings and his believers by womanizing, fathering thirteen illegitimate children, and abetting in the murders of those who criticized him, not least of whom, his chief disciple, Malcolm X.


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