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   Fight the Power
Rap, Race, and Reality
by Chuck D
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Category: Hip Hop
Code: 1315 |  ISBN: 0385318731 |  288 pp. |  Publication Date: 1998
Publisher: Delta
Format: Trade Paperback
Other Contributors
Yusaf Jah
Foreword by Spike Lee
About this book
From the early eighties, the provocative and brilliant lyrics of Chuck D have created controversy and raised the ire of almost every conservative group in the country. His championing of black leaders from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., to Malcolm X to Huey Newton brought the issue of black empowerment to mainstream radio and MTV. Long before Ice-T made waves with his song "Cop Killer" and Snoop Doggy Dogg and "gangsta rap" infiltrated the media, Chuck D's song "By the Time I Get to Arizona" made him a featured guest on ABC's "Nightline" for calling the nation's attention to Arizona's refusal to recognize Martin Luther King Day.

Examining a multitude of complex racial, social, and artistic issues, in his unmistakable voice Chuck D discusses the purpose of heroes and role models in the black community, Hollywood's negative images of blacks, the effect of gangsta rap, the influences of athletes and entertainers in eroding and strengthening values, and other vital contemporary concerns.

Candid, thoughtful, and in-your-face, "Fight the Power", the first substantial book by a rapper, presents an enlightening look into present-day and future black culture while detailing the rise to fame of one of the most important artists of a generation.


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