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The Xenogenesis Series, Book III
by Octavia E. Butler
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Category: SciFi - Fantasy - Horror
Code: 120 |  ISBN: 0446603635 |  220 pp. |  Publication Date: 1989
Publisher: Aspect
Format: Mass Market
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About this book
Child of the Earth and stars, Jodahs can shapeshift, heal the maimed, cure cancer, create contagion with every breath, or mutate the ground with a touch. Jodahs is an ooloi, a being beyond gender, born with the alien Oankali power to mix pure DNA within its body. But the child is also the first ooloi born to a human mother, and its destiny is unknown. The future of both humans and Oankali rests in one young being's successful metamorphosis into adulthood.

Jodahs can become a mad, living plague -- or a bridge of peace. Its challenge is to reconcile its galactic heritage of gene trading with the rage of a people facing a terrifying dilemma. For human children will inherit the universe only if they lose all that which makes them human.

The classic trilogy comprises of: Dawn, Adulthood Rites, and Imago


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