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   Bullshit or Fertilizer
A Portable Pep Talk
by Pierre Bennu
Retail Price: $9.95
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Categories: Self-Help/Inspiration | Personal Finance & Careers | Writers' Guides & Advice
Code: 101 |  ISBN: 0740733168 |  96 pp. |  Publication Date: 2003
Publisher: Exit The Apple
Format: Small Gift Book
About this book
Ever get tired of having the same conversation over and over again, just talking or thinking about what needs to be done instead of getting motivated to act? This book is for anyone who needs a heaping dose of momentum and focus, and who better to dish out such advice that Pierre Bennu, an award-winning filmmaker and artist who's had such conversations countless times? This page-turner is the perfect companion for those times you need a little motivation, whether you're on a bus ride or a train trip, or standing in line for four hours to audition for the second feline from the right in Cats. It tells you how to get started and shows you how to make and attain goals ? and it contains some of the best advice ever on making contacts and selling yourself or your creation.
Indigo's Comments
Bullshit or Fertilizer is one of the most popular and inspirational books our store has ever carried, and we are proud to be the first bookstore anywhere to sell it. People often get five or ten copies to give to friends or relatives. Artists, writers, filmmakers, and regular people with projects to do have responded enthusiastically to the practical and humorous message of this little book.?jenn


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