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   The New Decorating With Pictures
Collecting Art and Photography and Displaying It in Your Home
by Stephanie Hoppen
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Category: House & Home
Code: 1009 |  ISBN: 0821228668 |  176 pp. |  Publication Date: 2004
Publisher: Bulfinch Press
Format: Paperback
About this book
Pictures are the soul of a house. Whether a poster, a photograph, or an expensive piece of artwork, what you put on your walls says more about you than anything else in your home. Unfortunately, too many of us still feel at a loss when attempting to start a collection?or even to choose one picture.

This informative guide not only covers the very practical?how to frame and hang a picture, how to protect and conserve it, and which type of picture goes best in which room?but will also impart to readers Stephanie Hoppen's expertise on how and what to buy and collect. She examines the most popular trends in collecting, from fashion photography to abstract art, and offers readers a peek at some very prized private collections. Also included is advice and guidance from leading art experts and collectors from around the world. THE NEW DECORATING WITH PICTURES provides the perfect introduction to collecting and displaying art?a combination of practical information and passionate inspiration that will help readers gain the confidence to personalize their homes by buying, framing, and displaying pictures they love.


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